10 Tips to Follow While Reading NewsPaper for UPSC IAS Exam

In a day we have 24 hours and loads of stuffs to prepare. Newspapers are very important part of the preparation and a significant one considering the amount of time one consumes while studying from it. Those who have understood the syllabus and pattern of the examination well, have less worries but a beginner (having less understanding of syllabus and pattern) takes substantial time to read and prepare from it. A person just started with UPSC preparation always finds it difficult and complains about spending too much time reading the newspapers. And it is a genuine concern because if one spends 4-5 hours for newspapers, then his/her concern is justified.

Here You have the 10 important tips to follow for Newspaper Reading for UPSC IAS Exam

1. Never focus on political news as- Janta Parties are finally a Parivar.

2. Never read political remarks.

3. Never read local news as- BBMP Officials bracing for mass transfers.

4. Don’t forget to read “Editorial” and “Perspective” section.

5. Always focus on socio-economic issues like Women issues, Education or Health related issues, Issues or policies affecting vulnerable sections etc.

6. Always focus on issues of national and international importance.

7. Focus should be on political issues related to Indian Constitution, Legislative and Administrative processes.

8. Underline important quotes, statistical data (rank of country under any category, % of unemployment, etc) and claimed agenda of any political party in coming election.

9. Focus on Supreme Court or High Court verdicts.

10. Do not pay attention to deaths, awards or sports section unless significant like Padma Shree, Bharat Ratna, Oscar, Veer Chakra etc.

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