How to Prepare History for UPSC Prelims: Target IAS 2018 and Beyond

History has three parts in total, ancient, medieval and modern India. For getting a general understanding of the Indian history from ancient to medieval, the NCERT books (Class XI and XII) can give a good start. Modern Indian History has to be covered extensively, both for prelims and mains. For the ancient and medieval history, only a set of aspects (and related eminent persons) are being tested generally, which are:

 Literature

 Arts: Art, Drama, Music and Dance

 Architecture

 Culture (Indus valley civilization, Vedic Culture, Buddhism, Jainism, Hinduism (and Parsi), Islam and Christianity)



You can refer following books for more reading (same books would be relevant for GS Mains Paper I preparation):

 Ancient and Medieval India, NCERT Class XI

 Modern India, NCERT Class XII

 Spectrum publications (Three books, each on Modern India, Indian Culture and Indian Persons)


Apart from knowing just the books for reading, you also need to know (and practice) what sources are there for solving questions. Some of the possible options I could find are as below:

 Arihant Publications: Modern History (Multiple Choice questions)

 TMH (Multiple Choice Questions)

 All the previous papers (for History questions)


In fact, for history, it is better to solve questions than reading endlessly. This is one good way to remember more from history, especially.



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