Important Notes from The Hindu & Indian Express – 29th April, 2017

  1. Give women their space, says SC

a) Noting that a woman has her own space just as a man does, the Supreme Court on Friday said sexual harassment of women had become a “pernicious, horrid and disgusting” practice in India.

b) “The right to live with dignity as per Article 21 of the Constitution cannot be violated by indulging in the obnoxious act of eve-teasing. A woman enjoys as much equality under Article 14 of the Constitution as a man does. Eve-teasing affects the fundamental concept of gender sensitivity and justice and the rights of a woman under Article 14 of the Constitution,” Justice Dipak Misra held.


        2. New diabetes app forecasts blood sugar levels

a) The app, Glucoracle, comes with an integrated algorithm that predicts the impact of particular foods on an individual’s blood glucose levels. It can allow people with type 2 diabetes to keep a tighter rein on their blood sugar levels — the key to managing the disease.

b) “Our algorithm, integrated into an easy-to-use app, predicts the consequences of eating a specific meal before the food is eaten, allowing individuals to make better nutritional choices during mealtime,” the researcher said.


         3. AIDS control programme running blind without enough testing kits

a) In a policy shift, the Health Ministry started a ‘test and treat’ policy for HIV patients which would entitle every person who tests positive for HIV to free treatment.

b) India will soon develop a National Strategic Plan for HIV for next seven years and these seven years will be crucial for ending AIDS. The draft strategy document reveals that the government’s testing capacity, as of 2016-17, was only for 14,341 patients, but it currently has more than a million patients on anti-retroviral therapy (ART).

c) India is party to a UNAIDS programme under which it must implement the ‘90-90-90’ strategy: diagnose 90% of HIV-infected people in India; put 90% of cases on ART; and achieve viral suppression among 90% of the ART recipients. For early detection of treatment failure, and to achieve the 90-90-90 target by 2020, NACO wants a million viral load tests a year.


            4. Security cost row hits UDAN’s flight

a) The government’s low-cost regional air connectivity scheme has led to inter-ministerial tussle over the cost of the security infrastructure for the project. The Ministry of Civil Aviation already owes Rs. 800 crore to the Home Ministry for deploying Central Industrial Security Force (CISF) and other central police forces at 59 airports. The addition of 43 airports under the UDAN scheme is going to add considerably to the cost.

b) The UDAN scheme aims at stimulating regional connectivity with flights covering distances up to 800 km through a market-based mechanism.

c) Forty-three cities will be linked on India’s flight connectivity grid.Out of the 98 functional airports in the country, 59 are under CISF cover. Among them, 26 airports, including New Delhi and Mumbai, are in the hyper-sensitive category. Among these, 18 are under CISF cover, while the rest are guarded by the State police or paramilitary forces.


             5. Need to strengthen global counter terrorism mechanism: Pranab Mukherjee

a) “India seeks to build a broad consensus at the United Nations for finalisation of the draft Comprehensive Convention on International Terrorism and early adoption of the CCIT in the United Nations,” he said.


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