Road to Mussoorie: UPSC Prelims Test Series

Civil Services Examination conducted by UPSC is one of the toughest exams in the world, where around 10 lakh candidates appear and less than 1000 (< 0.1%) finally get selected. And one has to have a double digit AIR (Top 0.01%) to actually get the coveted IAS.
What makes this exam more challenging than even IIT-JEE and CAT is the multi-level format. The first level, Preliminary Exam, tests the intelligence and smartness of the candidate. CSAT exam also tests the aptitude of the candidate. The second and the most gruelling level, the Mains exam tests the depth and breadth of knowledge of the candidate.Even that might not be enough. So even if you were smart enough to clear the Prelims exam and hardworking enough to clear the Mains exam, it might all amount to nothing if you do not have a confident personality to crack the final but trickiest phase – the Interview.
To clear all such hurdles in such a cut-throat competitive environment, guidance becomes extremely essential. Eckovation has collaborated with the best, bringing on-board candidates who have successfully cleared all these phases and secured All India Ranks in final lists. Eckovation also brings together the best of your peers, filters them through assessment and creates a study group including the best minds from across the country. All this totally free of cost.

How it works?

We start with a free test series of Prelims. This will not only be an excellent source of practice for you, it will also bring together the best performers. Thus while there are a number of forums discuss preparation, Eckovation will bring together potential toppers and thus filter out the noise. Another incentive of doing well in these tests is that later, you would be given Mains Test Series as well, and would be provided detailed review by those who have already cleared the exams.
Finally, we will continue to support you throughout your journey and help with Personal Interview preparation as well. All long journeys start with the first step. The road to Mussorie starts by joining the All India Test Series of Eckovation.

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