Talent 50 UPSC Online Program for Civil Service Aspirants

We bring to you Talent 50 UPSC Online Program in which serious aspirants will be groomed throughout the year. We’ll ensure that you crack at least Mains exam and appear for the Interview process of IAS Exam.
If you want to crack the Interview process as well, you must also be very sincere and put in 110% effort in the right direction.


The lead instructor of this UPSC Online Program is Apoorva Mishra (Rank 654, IAS 2014) and several others who’ve appeared for the Interview process in Civil Service Exam (CSE) 2014&15 will assist him in this.


4-5 hours daily = Interview Call



Now some background of why we came up with this initiative:

This IAS UPSC online program also includes access to our All India Test Series for FREE!!!


When we make our final decision to prepare for civil services exam, we are all pumped up to crack it in our first attempt itself. We all know that it would require a lot of hard work beyond our imagination, but we don’t shy away from it considering the goal we’re aiming for.


We speak to experienced aspirants who’ve already appeared for IAS and join the best coaching institutes in the country. We’re ready to pay even more than Rs. 1.5 lacs, considering it as a one time investment to achieve our goal of becoming an IAS.


But what happens next? After rigorously preparing for the exam and completing all the coachings sincerely, over 95% of us fail to clear even Prelims. And we see several other candidates, who we did not even consider as serious candidates, clearing the first stage.
UPSC Online Program


Why do you think this happens even though you were the one who took coaching from presumably the best coaching institute of the country?


And if we’re lucky enough to clear Prelims, then comes the stage of Mains examination with 9 deadly papers. Most of us end up reading all the things in the world so that we don’t miss out on anything, but when we’re required to write just 200 word answer on a topic, we can’t control ourselves from writing all the 5000 words we know about the topic.


Also, we also end up wasting time on useless material. And what happens then? Disaster as a result of mismanagement.


We decide that in our second attempt, we’re going to be really focused, join another good coaching institute so that we get even more knowledge, but when results are declared, we’re dejected to see the same failure.


Hence, the cycle continues. On the other hand, someone we thought prepared less rigorously, gets through the final list and joins one of the services.


This IAS UPSC Online program also includes access to our All India Test Series for FREE!!!


You must have realized by now where the problem lies. There are 4 basic problems with status quo:


i) These coaching institutes feed us with already developed content but do not teach us how to be analytical or how to improve retention power so that we don’t have to read the same thing 4 times.


ii) These coaching institutes are run by people who haven’t cleared the exam themselves. Not judging the quality of their teaching, but access to qualified candidates would have been much better, just like we have IIT graduates teaching for IIT JEE preparation.


iii) Every existing resource, whether online or offline, focuses on giving us ‘fishes’ rather than teaching us how to fish. They’ll come up Yojana Analysis, PIB Analysis, Rajya Sabha TV Analysis etc. but what if a new good resource named XYZ comes into the market. Then, they’ll come up with XYZ analysis. But this is certainly not the right way.


iv) Access to guidance of qualified candidates only comes in the form of one-time guest lectures or blogs but not on a consistent basis, unless you are a close relative.

UPSC Online Program


Long story short, there’s a need for actual qualified candidates who could act as coaches for the entire duration of preparation and who’ve left the service for some personal reasons. We at Eckovation have pooled together such resources who would remain in contact with our aspirants under Talent 50 Program and make sure that each one is taught the art of retained learning and smart work.

This UPSC Online program also includes access to our All India Test Series for FREE!!!

The idea to make everyone empowered to go through existing resources like Yojana/PIB etc. with confidence in terms of what to learn and what not to learn.


The steps involved in joining the program:
i) Download Eckovation App  (Click Here)
ii) Join UPSC Preparation Group with Code: 873541
iii) Go to ‘Quiz’ tab and subscribe to ‘Talent 50 UPSC Online Program’


This UPSC Online Program is currently available at a discounted rate of just Rs. 14999. Further, if you subscribe for this UPSC Online program before July 20, 2017, you can avail additional 20% discount using the promo code ECK0020UPSC.


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