Daily Current Affairs Analysis and Quiz: 12th May

You can find the video analysis of The Hindu as well as Indian Express here. Analysis is available in both English as well as Hindi. You will also get practice problems based on today’s articles for both  UPSC Prelims as well as Mains.

Editorial Analysis

Analysis of The Hindu in English

Analysis of The Hindu in Hindi

Analysis of Indian Express in English

Analysis of Indian Express in Hindi

Practice Questions: Prelims

1. Which country is NOT a part of the Belt and Road Initiative of China?

A. Vietnam
B. Malaysia
C. Somalia
D. South Korea

2. Which of the following rivers was recently accorded the status of a legal person?

A. Indus
B. Yamuna
C. Cauvery
D. Narmada

3. ‘Rarest of the rare’ doctrine of Supreme Court is related to ________?

A. Endangered Species
B. Minorities
C. Death Penalty
D. President’s Rule [Article 356]

Answers: 1D, 2B, 3C

Practice Questions: Mains

1. Health Ministry has set an ambitious target to eliminate TB from India by 2025. Assess the feasibility of this target and suggest necessary steps to make it a reality.

2. What do you understand by generic medicines? How are they critical to solve India’s healthcare challenges? What are the barriers to availability of good quality affordable generics in India?

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